So much miscellany!

I was going to write out a whole long post on the new dog trainer and how it’s going, but she’s coming back in 15 minutes, so you’ll get your review this weekend.  It’s ok, it’ll be worth the wait. The 12 week appointment yesterday went really well, except for […]

Bobble Review and Giveaway

I suck at drinking water. I first realized this while training for my half marathon this spring.  And then this summer when it was 80 billionty degrees.  I set a goal for myself of 4 liters a day so I would be properly hydrated while running and now properly hydrated […]

DNS and a lack of confessions

I have a confession, internet. I’m holding out on you. It’s not that I don’t trust you all, it’s just that if my family read about life stuff here they might go crazy.  So, instead you’ll get constant complaints of exhaustion and being behind on your blogs. Promise you’ll still […]