We are having…

a damn good time with these Old Wives’ Tales.  Ready for the run down?

1.  First up is the timeless classic, the Chinese Gender Chart (side note, a commenter mentioned that we are technically determining sex, not gender since gender is a social construct, but the chart and everything else I read was titled gender)!

2.  Next, cravings.

3.  On to the ring test.  You take your wedding band and hang it on a gold chain, which is then suspended over your belly or wrist.  Circular motion=girl, pendulum motion=boy.  Belly was inconclusive and I refused to put on pants, so wrist it is!

4.  Carrying high or low?  Ok, this one might not count.  When I look pregnant (about 60-75% of the time these days), my “bump” is very high.  My uterus is not as high as my bump looks (meaning, it’s organs shifting upwards, not baby).  My uterus is right where it belongs, but people say I’m carrying high, which means…GIRL.

5.  Year of conception and age at conception (they claim it’s the Mayan method).  I conceived in 2011 at age 25, which adds up to an even number…GIRL.

6.  Heart beat at my 12 week appointment was 170 bpm.  At my first trimester screening (the day before 13 weeks) it was 176 bpm.  That’s pretty firmly on the side of…GIRL

7.  Acne is supposedly a girl stealing my beauty.  Apparently my back used to beautiful because I can’t stop breaking out there.  And my face.  Winner….GIRL.

8.  Morning sickness.  I’m gonna guess that since I ended up puking daily that means…GIRL.

9.  The baking soda test (you pee on a TB of baking soda and watch for fizzing) definitely lack any sign of bubbles or fizz (even with a little shaking), so that means…GIRL (I took a picture of this one, but it just looked like a cup of pee, so I figured I shouldn’t post it)

10.  Finally, I decide to whip out the big guns (only for you would I waste money on something so stupid).  The Intelligender Gender Prediction Test claims to tell us what we are having with 90% accuracy (although none of the cited trials are actually at 90%).  According to reviews, it is much more accurate if it says girl than if it says boy.  Anyways, I had to pee in a cup and then suck it up with a syringe, so this was by far the most ridiculous thing I have done yet.  Anyways…

So, got a sex guess?  Want to change your last one?  Is there another “test” we need to try?  Leave it below.  I’m compiling the comments on an Excel sheet and I’ll pick a random winner from the correct guesses to receive a mystery surprise!  The latest we’ll have an answer is in another 6 weeks, but we are probably going to find out in a week.  The OB’s office agreed that we could go get a gender ultrasound at one of those clinics so that my husband can be there since he can’t really come to appointments anymore.  Cross your fingers that this kid is cooperative next Saturday.

Oh, and I just had a really pleasant conversation with my former nemesis the OB nurse.  Now I’m feeling incredibly pleasant and happy with my choices. Oh hormones, you fickle bitch. Oh, and my blood pressure today at the Primary Care doc was perfect.

ETA: That’s 8 girl, 2 boy for anyone who sucks at counting on their fingers.  Also, we currently have 7 votes for girl and 3 for boy from commenters and everyone at work says boy (because the last 3 babies were girls).