So much miscellany!

I was going to write out a whole long post on the new dog trainer and how it’s going, but she’s coming back in 15 minutes, so you’ll get your review this weekend.  It’s ok, it’ll be worth the wait.

The 12 week appointment yesterday went really well, except for my borderline hypertension.  Apparently that can happen in pregnancy.  I have to log my blood pressure for 10 days and then we will see what the plan is.  She said something about beta blockers, which is not happening considering the good awful side effects.  Also, only the diastolic (bottom number) is elevated, so I’m not convinced it’s necessary to treat.  We will see how this pans out and also what the family care doctor says.  Let’s just hope my blood pressure keeps dropping.

In other news, husband got the job at the estate planning firm! We get to stay in the city, although we’ll move to a new suburb as we had hoped and he has full benefits!  I give you some puggle pictures to get you through, because we are going to spend some time with the trainer and then celebrate!

Oh, wait, you guys are only here to find out who won the Bobble giveaway?  Fine, I guess I understand:

1.  Emily from In the Between
2.  Candice from I Have Run

E-mail your shipping info to scs 1114 <at> gmail <dot> com by Monday and I’ll get you your prizes