DNS and a lack of confessions

I have a confession, internet.

I’m holding out on you.

It’s not that I don’t trust you all, it’s just that if my family read about life stuff here they might go crazy.  So, instead you’ll get constant complaints of exhaustion and being behind on your blogs.

Promise you’ll still be my friends in a few weeks when all is revealed?

Anyways, due to my current state of misery, I had to reevaluate my running.  My fantabulous doctor called me back himself yesterday afternoon (I think this is unusual, but my husband says the nurse calling back is unusual).  Anywhoodle, after some discussion, I can keep running as long as I feel like it and I throttle way back, especially if it is hot. Oh, and I need to stop sucking on hydrating myself.

So, what does that all mean?  It means I did a leisurely  2 miles this AM at around a 14 min/mile pace.  And it felt AWESOME.  I felt relaxed and not overwhelmed.  Oh, and I even took a walk break on the big hill.  Woah.

So the plan is still to do the half in 2 weeks, but probably cut way back on the running after that.  And if I need him, my doctor is the head physician at the race.  I’m thinking mostly 5Ks with the occasional longer (shorter than 13.1) thrown in for a while.  I’m really at peace with all this because I just need a break from the crazy end of half marathon training schedule, which I was planning to be on for the next 3 months.

Anyone else choose to DNS?  How did you feel about it?

And by popular demand, more puggle pictures!

Are you all getting sick of the dog pictures yet?  I assure you I have plenty more where these came from!

And yes, I’m still behind on commenting.  I love your blogs, I’m just slow.

ETA: Only 1 day left on my Gotein giveaway!