Sleep, that’s where I’m a viking!

I know I owe you guys some real posting, but I am so tired.

It’s like that bone tired, can’t think, can’t move tired.  And I keep waking up before 5 AM on my own.  It’s rough.  And I’m not getting my work writing done because I can’t concentrate from being so stressed out and tired.  And then I get more stressed out and more tired.  Vicious cycle.

Anyways, I very stupidly did a 9 mile run yesterday when I knew (and was told) that I really only had something shorter in me.  I should learn to take the advice I ask for instead of trying to plow ahead.  I’m just so torn between my desire to finish this half in 2 weeks and my need to actually take care of myself.

For the record, everything is fine, but I was too tired after and it sucked.  I will be consulting my physician this week to rethink my race schedule.  Because half marathons will still be there when I’m feeling better.  It’s not like they are going to stop having them all the sudden.

And now, I’m going to bed in hopes I wake up at a normal time tomorrow actually feeling refreshed.  Sometimes you just have to give yourself permission to read blogs later and finish your paper in the morning.  It’s going to be a long week anyways, might as well start it feeling like a human being.

Also, sleeping means I get to cuddle the puggles.

So tell me, internetz, what’s new with you?  Anyone else ever have to can some races for the sake of sanity and overall well-being?  What did you do this weekend.