Hope’s a bitch

I think the hardest thing about this NICU stuff is that I’m always so hopeful things will go just right. If I was pessimistic, this would be easier.  No getting my hopes up that she’d stay off CPAP (I didn’t even know her going back on the first time was […]

Adventures in pumping

So, for those of you who haven’t heard, I have to use a breast pump 8-10 times a day to keep my supply up until Leapster is ready to exclusively nurse (if she’s ever ready).  Anyways, one important aspect of pumping is that the pump needs electricity. It’s all fun […]

One Month

First of all, my peanut is one month old today! A month has gone so fast and yet so slow.  It’s weird. The thing with preemies is you are supposed to judge milestones by their adjusted age (actual age-minus weeks born early), so technically my little peanut is still -5 […]

34 Weeks/3 Weeks

Did you know that preemies are still dated by gestational age until the hit full term (40 weeks)?  Well, now you do.  Anyways, Leapster hit 34 weeks gestation/22 days old on Thursday. Anyways, 34 weeks is a really freakin’ big deal for a preemie.  Most preemies can maintain body temperature […]

We are having…

a damn good time with these Old Wives’ Tales.  Ready for the run down? 1.  First up is the timeless classic, the Chinese Gender Chart (side note, a commenter mentioned that we are technically determining sex, not gender since gender is a social construct, but the chart and everything else […]

The New Regime

So, Wednesday night the dog behaviorist came to our house to discuss our puggle problem. They are cute, but kinda naughty evil.  More importantly, they are totally out of control.  So I went with the person recommended by Laurie to see what we could get worked out. I’m not gonna lie, I […]